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Literacy, the first component, involves DISD teachers working with a small number of students. The aim is to raise each student’s literacy proficiency by providing direct, explicit, and systematic instruction in the following areas: critical reading skills, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonics, phonemic awareness,and the reading and writing connection. Reading, Writing, and Mathematics lessons are delivered bycertified instructors. The instructors follow a curriculum specifically designed for the LCC program that systematically addresses the literacy and numeracy skills that are taught in the regular school day core instruction. The goal of the Literacy component is to raise each student’s proficiency as indicated by test scores. Our history is one of success. In 2008, 76% of 3rd graders met the standard or better rating on the TAKS without LCC. In 2009 with LCC, 85% met the standard or better rating. Reaching beyond TAKS requirements, only 10% achieved Commended level in 2008, while over 39% reached that level in 2009.

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