Social responsiblity training makes model student

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Montrauious is a 2nd grader at Julia C. Frazier Elementary School.  Last year he was a disrespectful student.  He threw temper tantrums in the classrooms for any reason. He initiated raucous behavior and would participate in physical confrontations with his fellow classmates on a daily basis.
During the fall semester of 2010 Montrauious was enrolled in the after-school program provided by Services of Hope and specifically the Social Responsibility Training curriculum.  After several weeks in SRT classes Montrauious had transformed his behavior from the school “bad boy” to a productive student.
Now, he is a model student.  He treats his fellow students and teachers with respect.  He demonstrates a positive classroom/school participation and good citizenship.
Montrauious is no longer an angry kid who was looking for a fight, but a student who is striving to make his school better.  He is the “poster boy” for SRT.

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