“Get Up and Give” Pajama Party


Thursday, September 15th was North Texas Giving Day, and in honor of the special day Donorbridge made a commitment to match a percentage of the donations made to non-profits such as Services of Hope.  This is a great opportunity for Services of Hope to maximize the donations we receive, so we try each year to make it a special day for the community and our donors who continue to give so generously to support our efforts.  

In honor of this year’s theme of “Get Up and Give”, Donorbridge added some extra excitement and opportunity to earn additional matching funds by sponsoring a fun competition. In order to win the additional funds, each organization was encouraged to throw a party.  The organization that seemed to have the most fun (judged via pictures on our website) received an additional $2,500 match from Donorbridge.

Services of Hope joined in on the fun and threw an all day pajama party here at our offices.  We were joined by members of our community and sponsors, and celebrated the day with food, games, dancing, and prizes to raise money for our Literacy, Character, and Connection after-school programs. While receiving gifts for our cause, SOH continued to give back to our community as well, giving over 40 bags of groceries from our food pantry.

Regrettably, we did not win the additional monetary prize from Donorbridge, but we had a lot of fun celebrating the day together anyway.

Overall, the day was a great success! In fact, due to the excessive number of positive supporters across North Texas, Donorbridge even got overwhelmed! They were still counting donations early this week and we have just heard our final amount raised for Services of Hope is $11,048!!!  We here at Services of Hope are celebrating again, as a result – but without the pajamas this time.

Thank you to all, for prayers, contributions, and overall support. Every thought or penny made the difference.

Please be sure to check our Facebook to see exciting pictures of our neighbors, supporters, and staff (in pajamasJ). Feel free to leave comments, too!



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