SOH Releases 2012 Strategic Plan

2012 Strategic Plan Update

We Are The Change We Seek


1) Revenue sources:


Foundations make up 80% of revenue sources, we would like to move that to 40% by increasing corporations, individual donors, and fee for services income.


Timeline                                  Measurement                                           Goal                                  %

12/31/11                   New DISD After School Contract                          $ 50,000                            9%

03/30/12                   Sublease SOH building                                        $ 24,000                             4%

06/30/12                  Summer Fee for Service contracts (2)                 $30,000                              5%

09/30/12                  Big Thought Contract – 3 campuses                   $30,000                              5%

02/30/12                  Fee for Service and Other Income                        $230,000                          40%

2) Communication-Donor/Client event:


Relationships – put first priority on building empathetic relationships with our clients, donors, and volunteers.

SOH has less than five consistent monthly donors. They give an average of $11,400 per month.  The goal is to increase this to 25 monthly donors by the end of year, giving an average of $25,000. This will be done by, Social Media, hosting quarterly lunches and workday events.


Timeline                                  Measurement                               Goal

12/31/11                                Thanksgiving Basket program            30 volunteers

3/30/12                                  1st qtr newsletter                                     5 new donors

6/30/12                                  Summer camp tour                                 5 new donors

9/30/12                                  Fall Program lunch                                 5 new Donors

12/30/12                                Christmas Program                               10 new donors

3) After- school sites certified by Dallas After School Network (DASN):

SOH currently has no after school sites certified under the new standard of DASN.  The goal is to have two campuses certified by end of 2012.

Timeline                  Measurement                              Goal

12/31/11                     Tier 1                                          JW Ray & Birdie Alexander, KB Polk,

                                                                                          Julian Salivar and Miss Endys

3/30/12                      Teir-2                                           JW Ray & Birdie Alexander

6/30/12                      Tier 3                                           JW Ray & Birdie Alexander

9/30/12                      Certified Site                             JW Ray & Birdie Alexander

12/30/12                    Renewal of certification         JW Ray & Birdie Alexander



4) Become a staff managed organization:


The objective is to hire and/or train staff to be intentional and directed by organizational directives and values.


Timeline                                  Measurement                                      Goal

12/31/11          Improve staff professional development              8 hours monthly

03/30/12          Update all Job Descriptions                                   Approved by board

06/30/12         Team building                                                             First annual staff retreat

09/30/12         New Operations manager                                       Hire experienced non-profit executive

12/30/12          New employee handbook                                       New employee orientation process


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