High Valley [Submitted by: Camellia Varnado]

I was experiencing a great opportunity in my life. An extreme high of being nominated and winning the prestigious ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award and being flown out of state to accept the award! It was a great experience and opportunity to enjoy the rewards of an organization from my good works. As soon as I came home from the event my reality of things not done and not lining up as I expected hit really hard. It was like walking down a high mountain to sliding and rolling to the bottom on my bottom of a mountain. I just looked around to see, yes, I’m back home. I’m back to wife, Mommy and piles of things that need to be done. Some times when this happens in life, I can handle it. I just take off that hat and put on the hat needed to get the task done. This particular time, the hat exchange didn’t happen as easily.
I realized some things happened to my perception on this trip. I perceived that this opportunity would take me to a different place. While out of town I dreamed and networked with others and thought of the bigger impact I could make on the world. My view was at a different level so when I came home, my vantage point was different and things seemed harder to comprehend and reach. Why? I still had the same dream but I was looking from a different angle. I thought I needed to go back to that place to see it again but then I realized no, I need to work from where I am. My action plan didn’t include the steps from where I actually lived but from where I dreamed. It felt like the air was let out of my enthusiasm. You ever been at a place and wanted to be somewhere else, like you dreamed? I was and then the light came on. I had another experience that humbled me to one important truth. The truth to still see the opportunity and recognize who was needed to get it done.
God revealed to me the power of relationships and working together. The power of a vision and influence of others to accomplish a great goal. Dr. Martin Luther King was given a vision that empowered him and gave him influence with others to accomplish a great movement. A vision that is applied, worked and shared can be mighty on this earth. Looking from other vantage points of the vision will provide us with the necessary steps to get it done. Keeping the vision alive will put us in contact with others of the same vision. Working together in love will yield the results of a community united. I need others in my life to make the vision become a reality of sharing the love of God by being a vessel of honor. A vessel of compassion, love and being generous and hospitable to those I come in contact with to change the world one person at a time. Volunteering is my way of impacting and changing the world.
That’s the big picture and it doesn’t matter which vantage point I take, it all revolves around serving others which will show my love for God. What are you doing to spur hope and change the world? It’s never too late.

Camellia Varnado
Author/Speaker/Community Volunteer

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