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Services of Hope is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt corporation that was founded in 2004.  We strive to provide government policy-makers and school district administrators with a replicable model for underperforming elementary school transformation.  We aim to produce high functioning academically successful fifth-graders. Our focus is on schools that year after year have denied the vast […]


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Your support enables us to continue pursuing our vision. Every dollar makes a difference. Donate via paypal  or send a check to… Services of Hope Entities, Inc. P.O. Box 227252 Dallas, Texas 75222   Do you love what we are doing, but like many can’t help financially? Feel free to sign up to volunteer, just […]

Our Vision

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Our vision is the transformation of under-performing schools, as measured in the state assessment test, into schools that rank high in educational excellence. Services of Hope (SOH) realizes our process, Literacy Character Connections (LCC), must impact not only the under-performing students, but the entire school if it is to change from a low performing to […]

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  • Hampton Prep Literacy Program


    We are teaching young men and women for a brighter tomorrow…. Literacy, the first component, involves DISD teachers working with a small number of students. The aim is to raise each student’s literacy proficiency by providing direct, explicit, and systematic instruction in the following areas: critical reading skills, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonics, phonemic awareness,and the […]

  • Building Charater


    The Character component is conducted using the Social Responsibility Training (SRT®) curricula from Character Development Systems, Inc. This material is designed to reduce specific risk factors that are problematic aspects of character as identified through scientific research, and to enhance pro-social support, skills and motivation. The systematic, step-by-step approach of SRT® helps alter how students […]

  • Connecting to the community on Thanksgiving


    The Connections component identifies and provides incentives to the students, parents and teachers to encourage their full engagement in the program. SOH outreach staff provides social support for the families of program participants. Connections services include emergency assistance for food, rent and utilities; community workdays, special food giveaways, school supplies, and clothing. The Services of […]