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Do you love what we are doing, but like many can’t help financially? Feel free to sign up to volunteer, just by visiting our volunteer link at the top of this page, your time is incredibly helpful as well as clothes, school supplies, office supplies, books, food, and etc. If you can spare it, we can put it to good use. Just call our Office Manager at 214-276-0235 and we can work out all the particulars.
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We also currently need:

  • Non-perishable food items
  • New or gently used school uniforms
  • Office supplies
  • A new box truck to move food and supplies
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Where does your support go?

The Literacy Character Connections program vision is to demonstrate an extended day learning program with structured curriculum that is cost effective, data driven with measurable outcomes, and is the model prevention program for struggling learners at under-performing schools. All of us at Services of Hope believe we are achieving this vision on a daily basis, and our results speak for themselves.  In order to continue attaining positive gains such as those we’ve made in the past, we must seek the support of like-minded community partners.

COST ELEMENTS Programs      G&A / Fundraising      Total
Transportation 5,214 766 5,980
Equip & Supplies Purchases 6,408 792 7,200
Facility Costs 9,479 1,172 10,650
Insurance 36,775 4,545 41,320
Outreach Expense 89,600               – 89,600
Salaries & Benefits 346,873 28,086 374,959
Rent Expense 22,909 2,831 25,740
Student Literature/Incentives 2,400               – 2,400
Telephone Expense 8,544 1,056 9,600
Utilities 14,418 1,782 16,200
In-Kind Contributions 150,000               – 150,000
Other Expense 15,842 1,958 17,800
TOTAL COSTS 708,461 42,988 751,449

As mentioned earlier, all our students attend the LCC program on scholarship.  These scholarships are funded almost exclusively through donations to Services of Hope.  Currently it costs $955 per student, this equates to $133,772 per session, per school for the full slate of literacy, character and connections efforts that mean so much to the future of the students we serve.  Like so many other organizations, Services of Hope has been affected by the downturn in the economy, but still we soldier on in pursuit of our vision.  We would be remiss in our duty to our students, however, if we did not constantly seek out new friends, and renew old ties, in order to ensure the continuation of our work on their behalf.

One Foundation support summed it up this way. “With the excellent teaching of dedicated educators, the students have made significant gains in literacy and comprehension skills.  Through the use of qualified interns, the Character portion of the curriculum is taught and has impacted the behavior of the students measurably.  There have been fewer referrals to the principal’s office this school year and the overall behavior of the students is commendable.  I believe they are learning respect and appreciation for their teachers and their school.  The school has become a very good place to be.  The Connections component has provided the parental involvement of which many schools dream.  90% of the parents attended the December PTA meeting!  The parents are now asking Principal Brown what they can do to further help their child.  As you can see, the success of this program has not been limited to the under-performing students as other students, school personnel and the students’ families have benefited from the change in the under-performing students’ attitude about their school work and themselves.”

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