Lines of Service

This page is a brief overview of the services that Services of Hope offers to families across the Metroplex. We are faith based and serve the needs of the family from a holistic perspective. Our programs and services are different from most agencies in the following ways:

  1. All services are mobile
  2. We are not ZIP code restricted
  3. We don’t require indentification
  4. You can come monthly

We provide Mobile Pop-up Markets to the underfunded schools that we serve, apartment ministries in the metroplex and seniors in several areas around DFW that we partner with to serve and Churches. Included in the offerings are canned goods, fresh fruit, vegetable and prepared items and cleaning products and diapers upon availability. A regular schedule of food pantries and locations will be provided. The guests can select their items and it will include meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, can goods, baking items, pastries, snacks, breakfast food and other misc. items. Guests are usually limited to once-a-month participation.

From a wide variety of sources. When a request is received, based on availability a food basket can be offered. The items will range from can goods to fresh fruit, vegetables and prepared items. This is limited to once a month per client (TBD).

The Redemption Grant Program is a Faith Based Dollar amount grant that is available to Low to Moderate Income families looking for Cash infusion to assist them during periods of Financial Crisis without causing even greater hardship. SOH offers these grants dollars to help the community bridge financial gaps as well as engage in traditional savings through our local bank Affiliate while expounding on Financial Education for the future.

The Capital Good Fund provides affordable loans that take the place of payday loans, buy-here-pay-here car financing, and rent-to-own pricing; that provides loans and financial coaching to families. Capital Good Fund offers loans for car purchase/refinance, immigration costs (including fees relating to US citizenship), weatherization, security deposits, and other consumer purposes.

SOH staff has been trained to assist guests in registering for a wide range of social services throughout the metroplex. This will allow them to sign up for all the services they qualify for at one time such as food stamps known as SNAP, CHIP and Medicaid.

CARES Act Program used to assist Texas Homeowners that have been financially impacted by COVID. Assistance can be given for Mortgage Payments, Taxes, Insurance, HOA Dues, and Utility Bills. SOH is an Intake and Counseling center where we’ll take applications from start to submission, all while delivering high-quality counseling services during and after the application process.

A home lending program funded and facilitated by Bank of America. The program offers financial assistance with down payments, closing costs, and educational resources for people buying in the market for a home.
It’s a multiple-step program where Services of Hope delivers quality First Time Home-Buying education and personalized one-on-one counseling sessions for homebuyers; our part in the program is required for anyone looking to take advantage of the program’s benefits.

Services of Hope provides hands-on educational classes for first-time homebuyers looking to earn their FTHB Education Certificate. Classes are in person and facilitated by industry experts and SoH staff. The certificates earned can be used to qualify class pupils for various HUD-assisted programs, including down-payment assistance. Additionally, we provide one-on-one counseling for anyone looking to speak about their current and desired housing situation. Conversations are broad but always tailored to each individual’s needs.

Other Services:


Through the Furniture Bank clients can be referred to visit and select furniture. The items are mainly new and it is not free, but furniture for an entire house can be available for under $500. Participation will require a office visit before a referral can be issued.

Weekend Backpacks

Upon request, weekend bags with snacks for children can be provided, will need at least three days-notice. A regular schedule of food pantries and locations will be provided. The guests can select their items and it will include meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, can goods, baking items, pastries, snacks, breakfast food and other misc. items. Guests are usually limited to once a month participation.


Gently used clothes will be available to clients on a quarterly basis, as we receive them from our partners.

Other Mobile Wraparound Programs:

Senior Volunteer Program

SOH has built a relationship with local seniors seeking an opportunity to put their skills to use to serve others.

HelpFinder Resource

SOH has accesses to a national database of programs and services which include all Federal, State, Nonprofit and Faith Based programs that provide social services by zip code. This allows the clients to access services in their home zip codes, make appointments and on the spot referrals for services both text and email.

Other Resources

There is a vast network of nonprofits and government agencies that can offer a wide range of assistance. If SOH is unable to assist with things such as housing, rental assistance and medical services, etc. we will refer to other agencies that can possibly offer immediate assistance.


Eagle Scout Project by the Boy Scouts

Each year a local Boy Scout troop partners with SOH to complete their annual Eagle Scout project.

Summer Camps

Studies show students lose 25% or more of what they learn over the summer. Through our summer camps, they gain an opportunity to not only retain but to build upon what they learned and are better prepared for the fall.

Sports Camps

Student athletes are invited to register for the free summer sports camps held in the city.

College Internship Program

SOH supports two college interns who have an opportunity to put their educational studies to use working in a department related to their major. The interns earn either college credit or $300 per week.

Graduate Internship Program

SOH helps graduate students pursuing their masters reduce the cost of their educational expenses by up to 25% through our internship program.

Sports Tickets

Through our partnership with the Texas Rangers and the Frisco Roughriders, guests can enjoy a fun family outing. When resources are limited, entertainment is one of the first budget cuts. This will allow them to have a good time without using their bill money.

Back-to-School Supplies

Each year school supplies are provided to help parents with the rising cost of preparing their children for a successful academic year.


A limited number of backpacks are provided for students.

Shoes for Students

Also based on availability shoes are given to the students, allowing parents to use their limited resources on other expenses.

School Uniforms

Based on availability, parents can obtain school uniforms for their children.

Day of Hope

A program will be held for children and families to enjoy fun, food and games. The event will feature giveaways, special speakers, health and wellness info, food giveaways, game and ride truck for the kids.

Thanksgiving – Sandy May Baskets of Blessings

A special program celebrating the blessings of the seasons with a short program followed by a giveaway with the items needed for a family to prepare their holiday meal. It will include a turkey (or hens), fresh fruit, vegetables and items to make their favorite holiday sweets.

Christmas – Mack Cridell Community Christmas Program

A special program celebrating the joyful holiday season. The occasion will include holiday music and a special guest speaker as well door prizes such as bikes and holiday hams. The families will receive food to help prepare their holiday meal. This will help the families enjoy the holiday season and allow them to stay on track with their on-going financial obligations. Parents can register to receive toys for their children ages between 2 – 12.

Treasures of Hope

A limited number of parents will have an opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts at a fraction of the cost, usually 75 – 90% off the retail value.

Food From Special Food Drives

Through our partnership with local churches and the Boy Scouts, annually we receive a large shipment of can goods available for clients. Also during the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl we will have special bags of food that are designed to feed someone for 2-3 days.

Monthly Wraparound Financial Services:

Our experts are well versed in the process of buying a home and can simplify it for you. The coaches of Transformance are HUD certified and are ready and willing to provide you with all the information you need. Our counselors get you mortgage ready and assist with saving and budgeting.

Transformance wants to ensure that the experience in your home will be enjoyable and well-planned. In the midst of unexpected situations and expenses surfacing, we can help. Our experts will assist you with the following: Budget review, Insurance, Tax costs and Home maintenance. Having a solid plan on how to maintain the expenses of your home going forward.

This option allows you to pay for only the property taxes and homeowner’s insurance while incurring no monthly mortgage payments. Typically, an option for an older homeowner, this allows you to keep your home while drawing equity from it. This is also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). We can help inform you of the cost of this option and exactly how the process works, so you can make an educated decision. Our staff is open to discussing this type of loan with you and if it suits your situation.

Take Charge America is a nonprofit credit counseling agency provides credit counseling and debt management services to get you out of debt, Helps with consumer debt, student loans and mortgage payments. provide comprehensive credit counseling for all consumers. Every caller will receive holistic counseling to include a full budget.

Workforce Development:

A multi-agency collaboration designed to train and equip parents in Dallas for warehouse logistics and provide the resources necessary to make long-lasting financial and lifestyle changes. Each participating non-profit organization serves to meet a different need for these families. Free Job Training & Certification - Providing Dallas Parents with warehouse logistics credentials, entry level positions, professional development, and intensive support to succeed.


Transformance has many financial capacity courses online to fit in the clients’ schedule for learning all aspects of credit, budgeting, etc. The available topics which include: 4 C's of Credit, Alternatives to Payday Loans, Bankruptcy (An Introduction), Breaking Down Your Budget and many more.

Our model is an Integrated Service Delivery Model, which encompasses the entire person/family to give a good case assessment of their needs to move each person/family for where they are to sustainability. I have attached two brochures from Services of Hope (Social Services) and Financial Hope (Financial Capacity Education).