Our Board

SOH Board 2013

Board of Directors
Name Affiliation Experience Position
Richard Jackson Executive Compensation Consultant 20 years operations and administrative management, 10 years church and community volunteer activity Chairman
Mack Criddell Military/Business owner Retired 40 years managing family foundation and other charitable foundations Vice President
Doris Prescott Consultant 15 years of non profit consulting Secretary
Tamela Thornton ESmith Legacy United Way grant review and volunteers real estate projects Director
Advisory Board
Name Affiliation Experience Position
David Corrigan Corrigan Investments Supporter of civic causes, President Dallas Chamber of Commerce. Consultant
Scott Darby AT&T Executive United Way Certified Board Member, Former Director for Services of Hope. Director of Communications and Social Media
Brent Jackson Oaxaca Interest, LLC Community development and relations Consultant
Dr. Delores Seamster Independent School District 31 years of teaching, designer of the Extended Day Literacy Curriculum Consultant
Charlie Steele Senior Vice President Experian 40 Development with non profits and foundations Consultant